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Leak Detection and Repair Near West Hollywood | Drywall Repair & Remodeling Beverly Hills

Leak Detection and Repair

Customer Issue: Parts of the kitchen walls showed signs of water damage with possible leaks.
Our Solution: Our technicians removed parts of the kitchen wall to determine the source of any leakage. One of the pipes was dripping so we took care of the leak. Once the wall cavity was properly dried, our technicians removed the waterlogged parts of the drywall in the kitchen and replaced the damaged area.

Stephanie Mills - West Hollywood
Brickwork Repair Near West Hollywood | Drywall Repair & Remodeling Beverly Hills

Brickwork Repair

Customer issue: The poor brickwork along the patio needed repair.
Our solution: Our masonry specialist was up for the task and handled the situation very well. He demoed all the bricks and pavers off of the patio and re-laid them evenly. The work was cemented for stability and caulking applied to complete the job. Mr. Wright is very happy with his nicely redone patio.

Moses Wright - West Hollywood
Bathroom Tile Installation | Drywall Repair & Remodeling Beverly Hills, CA

Bathroom Tile Installation

Customer Issue: Needed tile installed.
Our Solution: After prepping the wall in question by removing the wallpaper, smoothing and priming the wall, the tile was then applied to the entirety of the walls with a strong adhesive to ensure they would stay.

Alexander Compton - Beverly Hills
Kitchen Remodeling | Drywall Repair & Remodeling Beverly Hills, CA

Kitchen Remodeling

Customer Issue: Kitchen remodeling – tile installation & cabinet replacement.
Our Solution: Mrs. Strand wanted to make her kitchen brighter and more modern. After a consultation meeting, she decided to have the tile-walls replaced in addition to the cupboards and cabinets. After receiving all the materials, we removed the tiles and cabinets and installed new white tiles instead of the old washed-blue ones. The old walnut-colored wood cabinets were replaced with classic white models and vintage handles. Another project completed!

Jackie Strand - West Hollywood
Water Damage Repairs | Drywall Repair & Remodeling Beverly Hills, CA

Water Damage Repairs

Customer Issue: Needed home repairs after a pipe burst.
Our Solution: Our professional team determined the extent of the damage to the home due to the water to ensure that all areas would be taken care of to avoid mold problems. Drywall and insulation that had been affected were removed and replaced.

Dennis Jones - Beverly Hills
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Professional Team

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Personal Touch

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High Quality Work

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Competitive Pricing

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