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Drywall Repair

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Drywall has become one of the world's most versatile and commonly used construction materials, and the reasons are not surprising. It offers enormous advantages that both builders and property owners enjoy. The popularity of this material is also seen by the increase in the number of companies that offer both products and services that involve these ever-reliable gypsum boards. This material is a great choice for residential and commercial property owners who want to redistribute a space into smaller, compartmentalized sections. Aside from installation and remodeling projects, though, as far as renovation is concerned, some type of repairs will need to be carried out. Our company can help you with the former type of work, and also with the latter.

When Problems Arise

Although this material has lots of benefits, including noise reduction and fire-resistance, it isn't indestructible. Plasterboard panels can be vulnerable to damage over time. Patching is an important part of maintaining the look and value of these panels, and as the years pass it will need to be performed occasionally to prevent more serious problems. Our professionals can be counted on to fix cracks and holes of varying sizes, from tiny to huge. Oftentimes, simply using joint compound to fill the gaps and then using tape to patch over them can be enough. However, some problems require a more intricate solution.

When Water Is Involved

When it comes to moisture and water damage, things become a bit more complicated. Moisture is the number one reason for drywall damage as this material consists of paper and is, therefore, more susceptible to it. If you notice a problem, it's better to get it examined and repaired as soon as possible, to prevent it from developing into a more costly issue. Once mold sets in, patch repair won't suffice and the entire affected section will more than likely need to be replaced. Mold spores can be invisible to the naked eye, so sometimes even if you can't see it yet, you can certainly smell it. This type of fungus is hazardous to your health and can lead to respiratory issues, so it must be handled quickly and carefully.

Expertise Is Required

The process of hanging new plasterboard sections is not as easy as it may seem. Careful steps need to be followed and special tools are required to make the task easier. Luckily, customizability is one of this material's strong suits. The panels can be cut using a T-square and a utility knife, so heavy machinery isn't always required. Screws and nails are usually what's used to hold the gypsum board in place, so again, the process is not as loud as other construction projects tend to be.

Painting And Texturing

Once the damage has been repaired, paint and textures can be applied. Finishing is, as the term suggests, a process of conclusion. It aims to make any minor dents or holes disappear so that the walls and ceilings are perfectly smooth or bumpy if that's the style that you chose. There are several different designs, from the tactile orange peel and splotchy knockdown to the dandelion-like slap brush and the shallower sand swirl. Our service specialists will present the different options before you and help you choose the best looking finish for your style and taste. In case you need to have old coatings material removed, we'll be more than happy to help you with that as well.

Lots Of Additional Services

There are a great number of other things a professional contractor can help you with, such as tile installation and various renovation and damage restoration related tasks. Don't hesitate to reach out to our experts at Drywall Repair & Remodeling Beverly Hills to consult with us on whatever you need.


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