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Hard water tends to build up anywhere where water frequently flows, including your kitchen and bathroom. To prevent build up inside your pipes and other critical areas, install a water softener system; there are a wide variety of options ranging from local systems to the ones covering the entire house.
If what you have are tiny holes, we'll use joint compound to fill them up. We'll also use two coats and then sand the area smooth afterwards for better results. If the holes are large, we'll use a sharp utility knife and trim the broken area to form a square or a rectangle and then slide a block of wood inside, tape over it and apply the compound and the finish.
According to our professional technicians in Beverly Hills, doing this requires setting the screws slightly below the surface and running the taping knife over the screw. A small amount of gypsum mud will need to be placed over the screw and then a taping knife will be used to remove the excess material. Now all that's left is letting it dry and applying some more of it as needed until there the surface is leveled and even.
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